Page 1- Aksu Chinese Cities with Over a Million Population
1. Aksu, Xinjiang - 2,370,887

Aksu Prefecture is located in mid-western Xinjiang, China. It has an area of 132,500 sq km and 2.19 million inhabitants (2003). The name Aksu is Turkic for 'white water.' The prefecture occupies the northwestern part of the Tarim Basin and the southern slopes of the Tian Shan. The southern part of the prefecture is within the Taklamakan desert. Agriculture is only possible in the areas irrigated by the Tarim River and its glacier-fed tributaries, the Aksu River and the Muzart River. The center of an oasis at the foot of the Tian Shan mts., it is a caravan hub on the Old Silk Road. Industries include textile and carpet manufacturing, jade carving, tanning, and metalworking. Iron deposits are in the area. Aksu has ancient Buddhist statues and caves, but most are in poor condition.

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