Guyuan Chinese Cities with Over a Million Population
71. Guyuan, Ningxia - 1,455,200

Old Guyuan sat at a vital pass in the east section of the ancient Silk Road. From long ago, it was a town of military importance connecting central Shaanxi to the western lands outside the Great Wall. In 114, the Han (206BC-220AD) Court established Gaoping Town, which is said to be the historical Guanyuan firmly recorded in history. By the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Guyuan had reached its zenith. Guyuan lies in the northwest edge of the Loess Plateau. Within the city, the Liupan Mountains zigzag north to south separating Guyuan into western and eastern parts. Most of the region is situated 1500-2000 meters (4921-6562 feet) above the sea level featuring undulant hills and gullies. Summer is the most favorable for visiting due to the moderate temperature.

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Guyuan Museum has good collection of artifacts dating from the Stone Age through the Silk Road period to the Qing dynasty.