- Hezhou Chinese Cities with Over a Million Population
87. Hezhou, Guangxi - 2,893,500

Hezhou is a prefecture-level city in China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Hezhou is located in northeastern Guangxi Province. It borders Hunan to the north and Guangdong to the east. The area is 11,854 sq km. The average elevation is 800 meters and the highest is 1,731 meters above sea-level. Its place along the Gulin-Wuzhou Highway and central location close to Huanan and Guangdong make it an important transportation hub. Forestry is one of hezhou's most important industries. More than 6130 square kilometers of land are forested. Hydropower is also important with more than 700 megawatts produced. Hezhou's biggest mineral resource is gold. Other minerals include marble, granite, iron, and aluminum. Agricultural products include beef and dairy cattle, fruits, vegetables, turpentine, tea, and tobacco.

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