- Jiamusi Chinese Cities with Over a Million Population
105. Jiamusi, Heilongjiang - 2,552,0970

Jiamusi is a prefecture-level city in the Province of Heilongjiang, in the People's Republic of China. Located on the riverside of the middle and lower reaches of the Songhua River, It faces Russia across the Ussuri River and the Heilongjiang River. In 2007 Jiamusi had a GDP of RMB 34.1 billion with a 14.3% growth rate. Its population is 2,552,097 at the 2010 census whom 850,750 live in the built up area made of 4 urban districts. Jiamusi was first named during the Kangxi period by the Nanai people. The word Giyamusi originally means Inn in Manchu Language. Because of the harsh climate and short growing season, the region of today's Jiamusi City was largely uncultivated.

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