Nanchang Chinese Cities with Over a Million Population
160. Nanchang, Jiangxi - 5,042,565

Nanchang is the capital of Jiangxi Province in southeastern China. It is located in the north-central portion of the Province. As it is bounded on the west by the Jiuling Mountains, and on the east by Poyang Lake, it is famous for its scenery, rich history and cultural sites. Owing to its central location relative to the Yangtze and Pearl River Delta regions, it is a major railroad hub in Southern China. The city originally called Gan was founded and first walled in 201 BC (during the early Han dynasty), when the county town was given the name Nanchang. It was also the administrative seat of a commandery, Yuzhang. In 589 (during the Sui dynasty) this commandery was changed into a prefecture named Hongzhou, and after 763 it became the provincial center of Jiangi, which was then beginning the rapid growth that by the 12th century made it the most populous Province in China.    Hi Res Pic (112K)

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