Tongliao Chinese Cities with Over a Million Population
229. Tongliao, Inner Mongolia - 3,139,153

The city is one of the headstreams of Mongolian nation. As early as five thousand years ago, Keerqin Grassland was inhabited and the ancients living there entered the slave society. It belonged to the Yan Kingdom during the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC) and is brought into the territory of the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC) after the union of China. Tongliao stands at the west of the Songliao Plain, Its northern part lies in the offshoot area of the Great Xing'an Mountains (Daxing'anling). Alluvial plains constitute the central part of the City, and the south and west territory is made up of low hills, ravines and sandy swamps. Enjoying a temperate continental climate, Tongliao has dry and windy spring, short and hot summer, cool autumn and chilly winter. Usually, intense rainfall concentrates on summer. In addition, it has abundant wind energy. Generally, winter is seldom suggested for visitors.

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Tongliao, Inner Mongolia