Yongzhou Chinese Cities with Over a Million Population
278. Yongzhou, Hunan - 5,180,235

Yongzhou was known as Lingling before the Sui Dynasty (581-618). Lingling County was first established in the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC) and was later promoted to Lingling Shire. The Sui Court decided to abolish the system of prefectures and counties, and Lingling was then changed to Yongzhou Fu. After that, the place was called both Yongzhou and Lingling. Within the city, there are mountains and hills standing in the northwest and southeast, and mountain ranges cut the city in the middle, forming the Lingqi and Ningdao plains surrounded by mountains. On the whole, its terrain is higher in the southwest and lower in the northeast and the centre. Situated at the junction of temperate and subtropical zones, Yongzhou enjoys a humid monsoon climate characterized by a moderate temperature, abundant rainfall and sufficient sunshine.

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Yongzhou, Hunan Province