Page 289 - Zhangzhou Chinese Cities with Over a Million Population
289. Zhangzhou, Fujian - 4,809,983

Zhangzhou is a prefecture-level city in southern Fujian Province, People's Republic of China. Located on the banks of the Jiulong River (Beixi), Zhangzhou borders the cities of Xiamen and Quanzhou to the northeast, Longyan City to the northwest and the Province of Guangdong to the southwest. Zhangzhou is home to 4,809,983 inhabitants at the 2010 census whom those of Longwen and Xiacheng districts are considered as urban. The built up area now include these 2 previous districts, the city of Longhai and reaches Xiamen 3,531,147 inhabitants. The 2 cities built up area (ie Metro area) is now home to about 5 million inhabitants in 2010. The main dialect spoken in Zhangzhou is Hokkien, one of the major Min Nan languages. But officially, people use Mandarin in government, commerce and official business.

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