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Zhuhai  Zhuhai Zhuhai
Location of Guangdong Province within China Location of Zhuhai within Guangdong Province 3 Districts - Zhuhai
# Name Population Area km 2 Density km 2
City Proper
1 Xiangzhou District 400,000 476 840
2 Doumen District 310,000 801 387
3 Jinwan District 110,000 376 293

Number 1. Xiangzhou District is a district of Guangdong Province, China. It is located at the southwest corner of the Pearl River Delta. The district is the political, financial, transit, and cultural center of Zhuhai City. The district is divided in 8 subdistricts and 6 towns. Zhuhai borders the Macau Special Administrative Region (north and west), and 299 km southwest of Guangzhou. Its territory counts 146 islands and a coastline of 690 km.

The islands within the prefecture-level city of Zhuhai include a number of near-shore islands, often connected to the mainland by bridges or causeways (such as Hengqin, Qi'ao, or Yeli Islands), as well as some islands further away in the Pearl River estuary (such as the Nei Lingding Island) or the open South China Sea (the Wanshan Archipelago). Some of the latter are actually geographically closer to Hong Kong than to the Zhuhai mainland.