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Xinjiang  Xinjiang
Location of Xinjiang Autonomous Region Xinjiang Autonomous Region
# Name Administrative Seat Population
Sub-Provincial Autonomous Prefecture
11 Ili City (for Kazakh) Yining (Gulja) 3,880,000
Prefecture-Level Cities
4 Karamay Karamay District 391,008
8 Ürümqi City Tianshan District 3,110,280
1 Altay Prefecture (for Kazakh) Altay County-Level City 526,980
3 Tacheng Prefecture (for Kazakh) Qoqek County-Level City 1,219,212
9 Turpan Prefecture Turpan County-Level City 622,679
10 Hami Prefecture Hami County-Level City 572,400
13 Kashgar Prefecture Kashgar County-Level City 3,979,362
15 Aksu Prefecture Aksu County-Level City 2,370,887
17 Hotan Prefecture Hotan County-Level City 2,014,365
# Name Administrative Seat Population
Autonomous Prefectures
2 Bortala (for Mongol) Bortala County-Level City 443,680
6 Changji (for Hui) City Changji County-Level City 1,428,592
12 Kizilsu (for Kirgiz) Artux County-Level City 525,599
18 Bayingolin (for Mongol) City Korla County-Level City 1,278,492
Sub-Prefecture-Level Cities
5 Shihezi Shihezi 635,582
7 Wujiaqu Wujiaqu 72,613
14 Tumxuk Tumxuk 147,465
16 Aral Aral 166,205
19 Beitun Beitun 76,300

Xinjiang is divided into two prefecture-level cities, seven prefectures, and five autonomous prefectures for Mongol, Kirgiz, Kazakh and Hui minorities. (Two of the seven prefectures are in turn part of Ili, an autonomous prefecture.) These are then divided into eleven districts, twenty county-level cities, sixty-two counties, and six autonomous counties. Five of the county-level cities do not belong to any prefecture, and are de facto administered by the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Sub-level divisions of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region are shown in the picture above, and described in the table.

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