Emperor Xian, Zhu Jianshen No. 9 Xian Zong, Zhu Jianshen, 1465 -- 1487
Emperor Ming Dynasty

Emperor Xian (Zhu Jianshen), the eldest son of Yingzong began his reign in 1465. His control remained weak despite the military campaigns of the 1480s. It was around this period that southern China experienced an economic flowering.

Beginning with Xianzong reign the factional discord unleashed by the eunuchs spread unabated. Their influence which the founder of the Ming Dynasty had gone to great lengths to avoid, now reached a height never before attained in the history of China. The only males to live in close proximity to the imperial family, they benefited from the centralized and secret system to become the emperor's favorite agents. They communicated all imperial decrees, both oral and written. Having collaborated with the secret police organizations instituted by the emperors, they ended up taking control of them. The number of eunuchs that had been limited to 100 by Taizu, soon reached 10,000. The entire administration of the palace fell under their control

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