Scene 42

Our 2008 China Eclipse Trip - Page 42

Urumqi Skyline

Urumqi means "A beautiful Pasture land " in ancient Mongolian used by the Junggar tribe, 2000 years ago it was once an important town on the new northern route of the Silk Road, which made important contribution in promoting Sino-foreign economic & cultural exchanges. During the 22nd year of the Zhenguan's reign in the Tang Dynasty, 648 A.D., the Tang government set up the town of Luntai in the ancient town seat of Urabo, which is 10 kilometers away from the southern suburb of Urumqi nowadays. The Ancient Luntai Town, which played quit significant a role on the new northern route of Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty, was the only town of tax collection, the only town of management, the town of supply and the first town as well. In the time of Qing Dynasty (A.D.1763) , the emperor Qian Long named the expanded city as "Dihua". UP to A.D.1884, another emperor Guang Xu put up Xinjiang as a Province and the Di Hua city as the capital of Xinjiang. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, by Feb.1,1954, the city name was restored to its original meaning, i.e., Urumqi.

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