On our way to the Ming Tombs

Our Trip to Beijing Municipality, China

10. On our way to the Ming Tombs

The valley of the Ming Tombs is about 125 km (78 miles) north of Beijing. It was included in our bus ride to the Great Wall. Thirteen of the sixteen Ming Emperors repose in this valley. We found it interesting but not spectacular. This picture shows part the Imperial Guard of Honor with pairs of standing (Male) and crouching (female) animals: lions, unicorns, camels, qilins (mythical creatures), horses, elephants, civilian officials, military officials, and scholars. Of the nine tombs open to view, those of the two most powerful Manchu Emperors, Qianlong and Kangxi, are impressive. That of Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1911) is as elaborate as it is strange.

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