Dishuitan Falls Scenes near Guiyang
25. Dishuitan Falls, City of Guiyang, Guizhou Province

As it was told in the beginning in this area there are other falls with distinct features and charm respectively. They come together to form a cluster of cataracts, among which are the 410-m-high Dishuitan Fall, the 105-m-wide Doupotang Fall and the Luositan Fall whose beach extends as long as 350 meters. These falls present changing views at different times of the year as the water volume rises and falls with one roaring ahead, another running peacefully and still another surging high. There are different views in different seasons.

At the lower reaches of the Huangguoshu Waterfalls, about 6 kilometers away, is the newly-opened Tianxing Bridge (Bridge of Stars) scenic spot, which is composed of three interconnected scenic attractions, namely, the potted landscape, the cave and the stone forest in water. This scenic spot is distinguished with its sights of various types, its natural stone formations of fabulous shapes, high cacti extending far and wide forming a dense forest. The Tianxing Cave (Cave of Stars), The Tiansheng Bridge, a work of nature, a stone arch flying over a deep gorge and the Silver-Chain Waterfall are all worth visiting. The Huangguoshu Guest House is very convenient and comfortable and is just beside the Grand Fall with a group of buildings in beautiful surroundings. Around it Buyi women sell their pieces of needlework: embroidered bags, cross-stitched soles, pretty headdresses and small hand-made tokens.

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