Lewis Ke Family Home Visit to Lewis Ke Family, Countryside
13. The Wall of Heroes in the Ke Family Home

On the wall of the Ke home were posters of the nine Chinese Marshals and several pictures of Chairman Mao. They were proud of their peasant past and Chairman Mao and the Marshals are heroes to them. These are the people who made Chairman Mao successful in his quest to make a better China. Sometimes I think that the people in the cities in their quest for the good life and money forget the backbone of China are these simple proud people. Over 80% of China are peasants and China must do more to help them if China is to succeed in its quest to be a modern nation. These are the types of people who make the nation great. These Marshals are the backbone of the Red Army that freed China from the rule of rich and powerful men who kept most of China in poverty.

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