Dinosaur Museum at Zigong 1988 Trip to City of Zigong, Sichuan
18. Dinosaur Museum, Zigong

The next day we take the bus to the Dinosaur Museum. The buses are interesting in that they run on natural gas. On the top of the buses are large rubber gasbags the full length of the bus and about 3 feet high when full. You try to avoid taking a bus that has a rather empty bag. The museum is an interesting place. In the past there apparently were many dinosaurs in this area. Dinosaur eggs are found throughout Sichuan Province. Farmers often have them for sale to tourists but the sale is not legal and the government tries to stop this activity. Julius is a good guide and friend. The museum is just to the left and is a very large building with many exhibits. As you can see it is somewhat chilly. We see no other foreign devils in the city. Zigong is not yet on the tourist route.

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