Quotations of Chairman Mao Zedong - Page 1 From the Selected Memoirs of Deng Xiaoping
Chairman Mao

3 Do's

  1. Practice Marxism and not revisionism.
  2. Unite and don't split.
  3. Be open and above board, and don't intrigue and conspire.

3 Don'ts

  1. Don't pick on others for their faults.
  2. Don't put labels on people.
  3. Don't use a big stick.

8 Points for Attention

  1. Speak politely.
  2. Pay fairly for what you buy.
  3. Return everything you borrow.
  4. Pay for anything you damage.
  5. Do not hit or swear at people.
  6. Do not damage crops.
  7. Do not take liberties with women.
  8. Do not ill treat captives.
Chairman Mao and Lin Biao