Lin Biao - Carying Out Lin Biao

And this is also the best preparation for war. We must carry forward the glorious tradition of "supporting the government and cherishing the people", strengthen the unity between the army and the people, strengthen the building of the militia and the national defense and do a still better job in all our work. For the past three years, it is precisely because the people have supported the army that renegades, enemy agents, absolutely unrepentant persons in power taking the capitalist road and counter-revolutionaries have failed in their attempts to undermine this great people's army of ours.

Departments of culture, art, education, the press, health, etc., occupy an extremely important position in the realm of the superstructure. The line "We must whole-heartedly rely on the working class" was decided upon at the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee. And now at Chairman Mao's call that "The working class must exercise leadership in everything", the working class, which is the main force in the proletarian revolution, and its staunch ally the poor and lower-middle peasants have mounted the political stage of struggle-criticism-transformation in the superstructure. From July 27, 1958, mighty contingents of the working class marched to places long dominated by persons in power taking the capitalist road and to all places where intellectuals were predominant in number.

It was a great revolutionary action. Whether the proletariat is able to take firm root in the positions of culture and education and transform them with Mao Tsetung Thought is the key question in carrying the Great Proletarian Culture Revolution through to the end. Chairman Mao has attached profound importance to our work in this connection and personally grasped typical cases, thus setting us a brilliant example. We must overcome the wrong tendency of some comrades to slight the ideological, cultural and educational front; we must closely follow Chairman Mao and consistently do hard and careful work. "On its part, the working class should always raise its political consciousness in the course of struggle," sum up experience in leading the struggle-criticism-transformation in the superstructure and win the battle on this front.

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