Lin Biao - Policies Lin Biao - Policies of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
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In order to continue the revolution in the realm of the superstructure, it is imperative to carry out conscientiously all Chairman Mao's proletarian policies.

Policies for the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution were early stipulated explicitly in the Circular of May 16, 1965 and the 16-Point Decision of August 1966. The series of Chairman Mao's latest instructions including "Serious attention must be paid to policy in the stage of struggle-criticism-transformation in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution" have further specified the various policies.

The main question at present is to carry them out to the letter. The Party's policies, including those towards the intellectuals, the cadres, "the sons and daughters that can be educated" (the sons and daughters of those who have committed crimes or mistakes), the mass organizations, the struggle against the enemy and economic policy -- all these policies come under the heading of the correct heading of the two different types of contradictions, those between ourselves and the enemy and those among the people.

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