1950 Marriage Law of People's Republic of China
Chapter II - The Marriage Contract - Articles 4, 5, and 6 - Page 4

Article 4
A marriage can be contracted only after the man has reached 20 years of age and the woman 18 years of age.
Article 5
No man or woman is allowed to marry in any of the following instances:
a) Where the man and woman are lineal relatives by blood or where the man and woman are brother and sister born of the same parents or where the man and woman are half-brother and half-sister. The question of prohibiting marriage between collateral relative by blood (up to the fifth degree of relationship) is determined by custom.
b) Where one party, because of certain defects, is sexually impotent,
c) Where one party is suffering from venereal disease, mental disorder, leprosy or any other disease which is regarded by medical science as rendering a person unfit for marriage.
Article 6
In order to contract a marriage, both the man and the woman should register in person with the people's government of the district or township in which they reside. If the proposed marriage is found to be in conformity with the provision of this Law, the local people's government should, without delay, issue marriage certificates.
If the proposed marriage is not found to be in conformity with the provisions of this Law, registration should not be granted.

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