43. Chinese Nationalities Gin Page 2 -- Minorities by Descending Populations

The ancestors of the Gins emigrated from Vietnam to China in the early 16th century and first settled on the three uninhabited lands since people of Han and Zhuang ethnic group had populated the neighborhood. Shoulder to shoulder with the Hans and Zhuangs there, they developed the border areas together and sealed close relations in their joint endeavors over the centuries.

The Gin costume is simple and practical. Traditionally, women wear tight-fitting, collarless short blouses buttoned in front plus a diamond-shaped top apron and broad black or brown trousers. When going out, they would put on a light colored gown with narrow sleeves. They also like earrings. Men wear long jackets reaching down to the knees and girdles. Now most people dress themselves like their Han neighbors though a few elderly women retain their tradition and a few young women coil their hair and dye their teeth black. Many Gins are believers of Buddhism or Taoism, with a few followers of Catholicism. They also celebrate the Lunar New Year--Spring Festival -- and the Pure Brightness Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival like the Hans.

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