48. Chinese Nationalities (Yugur Minority) (Yugu) - Page 2 -- Minorities by Descending Populations

Yugur Lady

The Yugur people believe in the Yellow Lamaism, their customs and habits similar to the Tibetans'.

Animal husbandry is the major industry of the Yugur people. Their staple diet is primarily wheat and rice though they also eat beef, mutton, pork, chicken, as well as camel-meat. Due to natural climatic conditions, fresh vegetables are rare, and the usual vegetables in their diet are potherbs and mushrooms. Consumption of 'milk tea's plays an important part in the Yugur people' daily life.

The Yugur costume has a unique style. The men usually wear a high-collared long gown buttoned on the left, a red-blue waistband and high boots. In summer and autumn, they also wear a white terai, or hat with a cylinder like flattop, and its edge bound with brocade. The women wear a green or blue high-collar gown, overlain with a bright waistcoat. Women also often wear a trumpet-shaped white felt hat with two black cords in the front, topped by red tassels. A woman of marriageable age combs her hair into many small braids that are tied up into three large ones. After marriage, two of the braids are thrown over the chest, and one over the back.

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