1 Jin Food Coupon - 1966 - Front 1 Jin Food Coupon - 1966 - Back
1 Jin Food Coupon - 1966 - Front - 1965 1 Jin Food Coupon - 1966 - Back - 1965
Food Coupons Issued by the People's Republic of China

This coupon allows the bearer to buy 1 Jin of rationed foodstuffs. Rationed foodstuffs included rice, flour and cooking oils. 1 Jin equals 0.5 Kilograms equals 10 Liang equals 1.1 pounds.
Front side translation: First Line: The Food Ministry of the People's Republic of China. Second Line: This Food coupon can be used in all of China. Back side translation: First Number: This coupon allows you buy food covered in the whole of China. Second Number: When you buy food, please buy food types as local area demands. Third Number: The One Jin means you can buy that much of the rationed foods. Fourth Number: This coupon cannot be bought or sold. The amount cannot be changed. If lost, coupon will not be replaced.

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