Qin Xiao

Xiao - Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments

6. There are three types of xiaos: Shown is the Qin Xiao.

The most popular wind instruments are the dizi and xiao. Dizi is the transverse flute and xiao is the long flute.

1. Xiao. This is used to play classical Chinese music and solo music. It has eight finger holes. Round or the regular straight end do not have tonal differences. It is mainly for aesthetic purpose. Most commonly used keys are F and G. Usually F# is not used very often, and only for specific music or regional opera. An "F" key xiao can play the following diatonic scales: F, C, Eb, Bb, Ab and G.

2. Dong xiao. This is a wind instrument from Southern China. It has six finger holes, and does not transpose as easily as xiao. However the sound volume is bigger. It is used mostly in operatic ensemble.

3. Qin xiao. This is narrower than the other two xiaos. It is used mainly to accompany the qin (ancient seven-string zither). Traditionally it has six finger holes. Contemporary ones have eight holes.

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