Clean face Draw eyes Put white chalk on fac

Skills in Painting Beijing Opera Masks

There is a strong nature in the art in masks. Drawing masks must also have attitudinal polytechnic nature, just like hand writing and painting. When you draw masks with a pen brush, you should do it with exactness and pithiness. The romance should be suitable to let others see clearly where it is thick and where it is light. Drawing the face the artist should spare Chinese ink as if it were gold. In this way the drawing looks lifelike and has spirits and the people will like the mask.

In drawing masks you can't copy a book. You should draw masks according to the actors face model. Copying the feature and the play that you will join in. The drawing can incarnate dramatically the personality colors and the mettle of the part. Notably, Beijing opera "colored face" Mr. Hao Shouchen has the good name of "Living Cao Cao." Not only because of his fine act, the Cao Cao mask which he created has made a good effect. This expert researched and assayed the person and drew the Cao Cao mask, drew the lines and lamination in the brow part in the face.

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Add base powder. Draw eyes White chalk on face.
Black eyeholes, lines. Draw the red line. Finish drawing face.

This assists the actors and actresses when they act, to be helpful for them to express their feelings, and allows the masks and the performance work effectively together. A good artist who has the experience can do with their artistry, make the face models blemish, change the face model and face anatomical relationship. Some people's face models are narrow and small, and are short in stature. Drawing the face mask can change the model.