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272 Beijing Opera Performers - An Dianbao - Number 1

An Dianbao

Beijing Opera - "One-Wood Pass"

An Dianbao with a white pointed three-tile face in One-Wood Pass, based on an episode in novel Complete Story of the Western Expedition. An Dianbao was a general of minority nationality who guarded One-Wood Pass. A very able general, he defeated the Tang armies sent against him in many battles. In the opera he inflicts defeat on Tang commander Zhang Shigui and captures his son and son-in-law. Zhang Shigui is a mean and selfish man who on many occasions has claimed credit for victories that rightly belonged to Xue Rengui, the greatest of the Tang generals. But now, in despair, he is forced to go to Xue for help. Although very sick, Xue rises from bed immediately he hears of the urgency, buckles on his armor, and rides to the pass. There, in a thrilling single-handed combat, he vanquishes the formidable An Dianbao.

"Peking Opera Painted Faces" (Morning Glory Publishers - Beijing 1994) - by Zhao Menglin

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