Xue Gang - 231

272 Beijing Opera Performers - Xue Gang - Number 231

Xue Gang

Beijing Opera - "Jiuxi Palace"

Xue Gang with a black broken-flower face in Jiuxi Palace, adapted from the novel Xue Gang Rebels Against the Tang. Xue Gang was Xue Dingshan's son. In the list-opera the father and son have been slandered by two court officials, Zhang Tianzuo and Zhang Tianyou, and are about to be punished. Cheng Yaojin, a prince living in Jiuxi Palace, goes to the emperor and exposes the two wicked officials. The emperor, realizing that he has made a mistake, pardons Xue Dingshan and his son.

"Peking Opera Painted Faces" (Morning Glory Publishers - Beijing 1994) - by Zhao Menglin

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