Zhou Tai - 265

272 Beijing Opera Performers - Zhou Tai- Number 265

Zhou Tai

Beijing Opera - "The Chain Camps"

Zhou Tai, a Wu general with a white pointed three-tile face stars in the list-opera "The Chain Camps." Liu Bei's sworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei both died in wars against Sun Quan. To avenge their deaths, Liu Bei mustered a huge army intending to conquer Wu and put Sun Quan to death. With the help of soldiers from the Nan Man nationality of south China, who were experience fighters, he defeated the Wu armies again and again. Finally, Sun Quan appointed youthful Lu Xun as his commander. Lu Xun was a very shrew general, but Liu Bei belittled him, thinking he was only a scholar. As it was the height of summer, Liu Bei ordered his men to camp in the thick of the woods. A long chain of camps extending nearly 100 li was built, which was exactly what Lu Xun had hoped for. At a least expected moment, he ordered his men to set fire to the camps and completely destroyed Liu Bei's army. Zhou Tai and other Wu generals pursued Liu Bei until the faithful Zhao Yun arrived, repulsed them, and escorted Liu Bei to safety in Baidi city.

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