Ji Liao - 9

183 Beijing Operas - Ji Liao - Number 9

Ji Liao

Beijing Opera - "The Dagger in the Fish"

JI Liao with an old yellow three-tile face, one of the leading characters in "The Dagger in the Fish," adapted from an episode in "History if the Eastern Zhou." Ji Liao a cruel and ambitious man, dethroned his nephew, Ji Guang (King Helu, 514-496 BC). He became king by dethroning his nephew and this nephew later hired an assassin to kill him. In the opera Ji Guang, to regain his throne, invites his uncle to a banquet and hires an assassin named Zhuan Zhu to murder him. The assassin, posing as a cook, serves fish with a dagger concealed in it. Setting the fish before the king, he pulls out the dagger and stabs the king to death.

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