Ying Bu - 67

183 Beijing Operas - Ying Bu - Number 67

Ying Bu

Beijing Opera - "Nine Li Mountain"

Ying Bu with a yellow broken-flower face has a role in the opera "Nine Li Mountain," adapted from an episode in "Popular Romance of the Western Han." Ying Bu and Peng Yue -- Ying Bu (BC ?-195) a general of Liu Bang. He and Liu Bang had been close friends in their native Pei, where Liu Bang later held a minor office; ennobled as King of Huainan. Later Ying Bu was suspected of rebellion, and he wounded Liu Bang with an arrow during a battle. Was killed by his relative King Wu Chen of Changsha (BC 195).

Hu Hai took over the throne. Emperor Hu Hai was even of inferior quality than his late father. He neglected his responsibilities as emperor and allowed the eunuch Zhao Gao to govern the country on his behalf. Not long after Emperor Hu Hai's ascension, an uprising began, led by Chen Sheng and Wu Kuang. Xiang Liang and Xiang Yu from Jiang Dong, Ying Bu from Po Yang and Peng Yue from Yu Je all joined the uprising against the Qin Dynasty.

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