Meng Da - 74

183 Beijing Operas - Meng Da - Number 74

Meng Da

Beijing Opera - "Retreat to Maicheng"

Meng Da with an inverted ingot face plays a part in the opera "Retreat to Maicheng," adapted from an episode in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms. As Zhuge Liang thought of starting his expedition from Han Zhong, Li Yan knew what he was to do afterwards, and moved his troops to be stationed at Jiang Zhou, leaving Chen Dou stationed at Yong An; all these troops in Jiang Zhou and Yong An were still under Li Yan's command. Li Yan wrote Meng Da a letter saying: "I and Kong Ming (Zhuge Liang) were both entrusted with great responsibilities by the former lord; I have many concerns because of the high responsibilities, and often hope that someone could keep me company." Zhuge Liang also wrote a letter to Meng Da saying: "Accordance to Zhang Fang's character, he always divides his tasks up delicately and flowingly, and he never hesitates to abandon or retain something," thus Meng Da would realize Li Yan's importance to Shu.

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