Xu Jia -91

183 Beijing Operas - Xu Jia - Number 91

Xu Jia

Beijing Opera - "The Silk Gown"

Xu Jia with a white pointed three-tile face is the leading character in the opera "The Silk Gown," adapted from an episode in "History of the Eastern Zhou." It is from the book "Stories of the Countries in Period Dongzhou." Xu Jia was the minister of country Wei, acting under orders to go to country Qin. But he met the auxiliary official of country Qin Fan Ju, who was maligned by him. Fan Ju pretended to be poor, Xu Jia presented a damask silk robe to him. Fan Ju thought of Xu Jia knew about old friendship, so the insulted Xu Jia and didn't kill him.

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