Ao Guang

183 Beijing Operas - Ao Guang - Number 257

Ao Guang

Beijing Opera - "Water-Curtain Cave"

Ao Guang with an old white three-tile face plays the part of the dragon king of the West Sea in the opera "Water-Curtain Cave," adapted from an episode in "Pilgrimage to the West." When Monkey begins practicing the martial arts in his Water-Curtain Cave, he finds he is in need of a good weapon. He goes to Ao Guang, the dragon king, who gives him a magic needle with power to calm the seas. Monkey is pleased to get this weapon but wants the king to give him helmets and armor as well. Seeing that Monkey is asking for more and more, the king calls together his dragon brothers, generals, and soldiers to drive him out. They are defeated by Monkey who runs riot in the dragon's palace.

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