Jiang Wei - 77

Jiang Wei Number 77

Jiang Wei

Opera "Iron-Cage Mountain"

Jiang Wei with a red three-tile face is the leading character in the opera "Iron-Cage Mountain," adapted from an episode in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." Jiang Wei is a commander of the armies of the kingdom of Shu. He has great ability and a profound knowledge of the universe. Jiang Wei became the successor to Zhuge Liang.

Jiang Wei, one of the greatest men of the Three Kingdoms era. Having been born in 202 A.D. he only saw the end of the era. He served Wei when he was young but after a plot by Zhuge Liang he switches over to the Shu army. He was at the battle at Tian Shui. There he is treated handsomely. He took an interest in Zhuge and Zhuge to him. Zhuge was his mentor and he was one of Zhuge's favorite officers. Later at the battle of Wu Zhang Plains, his mentor dies from stress and of poor health; he leaves Jiang Wei his strategy books. These were Zhuge's most trusted books. He leaves them all to Jiang Wei. So, Jiang Wei becomes more serious and is put in control of all the military by Liu Chan. Once he in that position he leads raids on Wei land. He made a total of 10 raids but only half proved successful. Jiang Wei is later attacked while on a raid and is captured by Zhong Hui. With Jiang's great talking skills he convinces Zhong to fight for his cause and restore the Han. This is around the time Jiang hears of Liu Chan being attacked and surrendering to what is now the Jin since the Sima clan overcame Wei.

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