Zhu Wen - 111

Zhu Wen Number 111

Zu Wen

Opera "Yaguan Tower"

Zhu Wen with a green flowered three-tile face is a character in the opera "Yaguan Tower," adapted from a story in "Romance of the Late Tang and Five Dynasties," a historical novel. The novel begins with the peasant uprising led by Huang Cao in 875 and ends with the revolt of Zhao Kuangyin and Chen Qiao that led to the establishment of the Northern Song. Yaguan Tower is about a bet between the Prince of Jin, Li Keyong, and Prince of Liang, Zhu Wen. The two princes are feasting in Yaguan Tower when a rebel army under Meng Juehai arrives. Li Keyong wagers that he can capture the rebel general before noon. Zhu Wen accepts the bet, using his jade belt as stake. But when Ki Keyong's general, Li Cunxiao, returns with the captured general, Zhu Wen refuses to honor his word. In a rage, Li Cunxiao seizes the belt from him. The incident causes a split between the two princes who until now have been allies.

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