Zheng Ziming 36 Types of Beijing Opera Masks - 15

Zheng Ziming - Black Asymmetric Flowered Face

Slanting, Twisted or Asymmetric Face

As the name suggests, this is a rather uncomely makeup used chiefly to represent a thug or an accomplish in a crime. The facial features are painted asymmetrically, the idea being that the character is a dishonest person that will use devious means to gain an end. The composition is based on that of broken-flower and three-tile faces: a great variety of colors is used, and the face may be clean shaven or wear a zha beard. In special cases a slanting face may represent a positive role.

A notable example is Zheng Ziming in the opera "Execution of the Yellow Robe." In his youth, Zheng Ziming had saved a man from being killed by an orangutan, but in doing so his own face was mauled by the beast. Therefore he is portrayed with a black broken-flower slanting face to symbolize scars.

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