On the Road Encounters with People in China

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Sichuan Province is one of the most fertile and agriculturally important areas in China. Until Chongqing was split off in 1997 it was the most populous province. It is now the third most. Unfortunately mountains surround the most important of China's inland province; the coast is almost 1,000 miles away. Sichuan is one of the breadbaskets of China. Meat production, 85% of it pork, is the largest in China. The production of rapeseed, cocoons, lacquer, and honey rank in the top three, while fiber crops, citrus fruits, rice and walnuts are in the top five. We lived in Chengdu for two years. The sun is often hidden and pollution is not the best, however we enjoyed our time there. Sichuan has an abundance of natural gas.

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View from Jiajin Mountain Pass, Sichuan province.