Location of Sha'anxi in China
Sha'anxi Province -
Translation "Western Shan'an" Population - 37,571,000 Million

Sha'anxi is the home of the famous Terracotta Underground Army. Its capital is a major center for the military-industrial complex focusing on aircraft and electronics. Sha'anxi is an arid agricultural area with much of the land mountainous and covered by easily eroded loess soil. Even so it is the second largest producer of apples and ranks in the top five in the production of walnuts, milk, and cashmere. Oil, coal, and natural gas reserves are large in this province. The province is a major producer of Boeing fins and stabilizers for the B-7377 as well as for the European Airbus. We spent several weeks in Xi'an and enjoyed the area very much. The Banpo Neolithic village contains relics of a civilization of 4500 BC to 3750 BC.