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People's Liberation Army New Medical Service Method of China - Book 1 Page 10

Size: 13 x 18.5 cm Book edition in October, 1969,
Is the highest instruction ----- why person's question, a basic question, the principle question. ------ This basic question does not solve, other many questions are not also easy to solve The ideological work and the political work are completes the economical work and the technical work guarantee, they are serve for the economic basis. The thought and politics also are commands, is the soul. So long as our ideological work and the political work slightly as soon as relax, the ideological work and the technical work certainly can walk to the evil ways comes up.

Highest instruction ------- Comrade Bethune not in the least selfishly is utterly devoted to others the spirit, displays in him to the work extreme irresponsibility, to comrade to people's extreme zeal. Each communist party members all want to learn from him. ------ Our everybody must study his not selfish heart the spirit. Embarks from this spot, may become is greatly advantageous to people's person. A person ability has the size, but so long as has this spirit, is a noble person, a pure person, has the morals the person, is separated from the vulgar interest the person, is beneficial to people's person.

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