Mao Zedong Red Books Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution Material
1. A-Posters 17 Pictures Commemorative of the Haihe River
2. B-Posters 12 Pictures "Chairman Mao is our Red Sun Heart"
3. C-Posters 15 Pictures "Long Live Our Successful Revolutionary Route"
4. D-Posters 16 Pictures Depicting Chairman Mao Zedong
5. E-Posters 26 Posters Featuring Chairman Mao and Lin Biao
6. F-Posters 58 Pictures Celebration of 30th Anniversary of Inner Mongolia
7. G-Posters 46 Pictures The Cultural Revolution
8. H-Posters 50 Posters 30th Anniversary of the Yenan Forum
9. I-Posters 80 Pages Peasant Paintings of Huhsien County
10. J-Posters 71 Pages Graphic Art by Workers
11. K-Posters 96 Pictures State Council Fine Arts Collection
12. L-Posters 194 Pages Paintings of Huhsien County, In Italian
13. M-Posters 134 Pages Cultural Revolution Picture Album, In German
14. N-Posters 36 Pages Long live, Chairman Mao!, Picture Album, In Chinese
15. O-Posters 160 Pages Sea Navigation Depends on Helmsman, In Chinese
16. P-Posters 26 Pages Chairman Mao is in Our Heart's Red Sun, In Chinese
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