Lin Biao Lin Biao - Collection of Speeches and Reports

Charles Chen is a collector of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution material. These books are from his collection effort of ten years. They all are originals from the Great Cultural Revolution era. They represent an important phase of history!

1. A Book Lin Biao Writes on Chairman Mao 368 Pages In Chinese
2. K Book Lin Biao Article Anthology 198 Pages In Chinese
3. I Book Lin Biao Elaborates Mao Zedong Thought - Rare Edition 135 Pages In Chinese
4. L Book Vice-President Lin Piao Collected Sayings - Rare Edition 397 Pages In Chinese
5. P Book Vice-President Lin Piao - Internal Reading for the PLA 318 Pages In Chinese
6. 5 Book Great Cultural Revolution Rare Edition Book 332 Pages In Chinese
7. 6 Book Vice-President Lin Biao - Armed Forces Cadre Conference 332 Pages In Chinese
8. 7 Book Vice-President Lin Biao - Forever is Loyal to Chairman Mao 432 Pages In Chinese

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