Sky Ding, Paul Noll, Michael Yao - Page 1

Fish Pot Dinner with Michael Yao and Sky Ding - Page 1

Sky Ding, Paul Noll, Michael Yao

In 2015 I had returned to China to see the graduation at Sias. My Chinese son Dr. Shawn Chen had financed the trip. It was the first time to go to China without my wife Bernice. She had gone to meet her Lord Jesus after a bout with cancer. The two pictured here had been assigned by Shawn to look out after me. They did a fantastic job and we became vast friends. They both came to see me this time again. Sky and Michael both are very smart intelligent individuals who will go far in their life. Morals and dedication to them has been a passion in their life. Sandy went out that day to visit the Shaolin Temple and they invited me to dinner.

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