Baotong Temple

Wuhan, Hubei Province Scenes

4. Baotong Temple

Baotong temple is located on the south foothill out of Dadongmen, Wuchang of Wuhan city, Hubei Province. It is one of the four biggest jungles in Wuhan. In 1983, it is listed as the main key national Chinese Buddhism temple by the State Council. The Baotong temple began construction at the reign of Baoli second year of Tang Dynasty (826). The Baotong temple was also known by the name of "small Jinshan Mountain" because it is similar to the Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang. The Qing Dynasty government sponsored the ancient temple with silver coins to carry out repairs for many times during the Kangxi emperor 15th years to 30th years (1676-1691). It became the first Buddhist temple in Wuchang after restoration. Presently, there is the setting captured animals free pond, the saint monk bridge, the Jieyin palace, the east and west hall, the grand palace, the founder hall and the meditation room in the temple. The entire temple construction fluctuates along the hill, appearing natural and in perfect order.

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