Wuhan, Hubei Province -- Page 4
Legislative and Executive Organizations Wuhan People's Congress is the city's legislature; Wuhan Municipal Government is the executive organization of the city, each serving a five-year term. There are 9 urban districts, 2 suburban districts and also 2 counties under Wuhan Municipality. Wuhan has established relationship as sister cities with eight cities abroad. They are (in order of time) Oita (Japan), Pittsburgh (America), Duisburg (Germany), Manchester (Britain), Kiev (Ukraine), Khartoum (Sudan), Gallatin (Romania), and Gyor (Hungary).

History The site of ancient Panlong Town is found in Huangpi County under Wuhan Municipality. An ancient town site left over from the Shang Dynasty 3500 years ago; it is the first one ever discovered in the Changjiang River Basin. Found in an advantageous geographical location, enjoying very convenient communications, Wuhan has long been a commercial and trading center, a strategic point that every militarist world tries his best to get control of. Hankou, historically one of the four well-known towns after it was turned into a foreign port in 1862, had become the largest inland trading port at that time. On October 10, 1911, there was the first shot reverberating over Wuchang, which announced the end of China's long-standing feudal rule lasting for more than 2000 years.

Tourist Sites Situated at where the Changjiang River and Han River meet, this stretch of land of Wuhan has been endowed with many unique natural attractions along with a lot of scenes of human creation. Besides, in its vicinity there are such natural sights as the world-famous Three Gorges on the Changjiang River, Mt. Wudan, Shenlongjia Conservation Area, etc. The glorious sights are attracting more and more tourists and numerous spots of historical interest there. The Yellow Crane Tower stands erect on the top of Snake Hill on the southern shore of the Changjiang River. Known as of the "Three Famous Towers in south of the Changjiang River." It is a major scenic spot a tourist should never hesitate to pay a visit to in Wuhan.