Paul Noll

Paul Noll Biography, 2015 - Page 1

Studied at the University of California at Berkeley, CA, Engineering 2 years.
I completed many IBM Courses.
Linfield College at McMinnville, Oregon, 3 years 1989-1992, BS degree.

1949-1952 Served with US Army Signal Corps. Radio Repairman. Served two years with US Army in Japan and Korea during the Korean War. I learned to read and write Korean.
1953-1978 Employed at Pacific Telephone Company in San Francisco area, California.
    1960 Chief Transmission Man (Management).
    1960-1966 Circuit Designer (Management).
    1966-1970 Programmer, Analyst (Management).
    1970-1978 Director Technical Computer Training (Management).
1977-1994 Conducted Computer Seminars as Paul Noll and Associates
1977-2008 Taught Computer Classes at many Universities in US, Canada, England, and China