Hungnam, North Korea Port Blown 581st Signal Radio Relay Co. at Hungnam (1950)
12. Hungnam, North Korea Port Blown December 24, 1950

12/24/50 - The Begor, APD 127, stands off Hungnam evacuation beaches as demolition teams ashore blow up useable supplies and installations. It marks the close of the battle for the Chosin Reservoir, and North Korea.

The 306-foot transport operated along the west coast until June 1946 when she sailed for Bikini Atoll to act as a drone control vessel during the atomic bomb tests. The Begor returned in October and during the next four years carried out normal peacetime operations along the west coast and made two cruises to the Far East (July 1947-February 1948 and August-December 1949). During the Korean conflict the Begor served two tours. The first (7 December 1950-September 1951) included participation in the Hungnam Evacuation (9-24 December) and the landing of UDTs and British Commandos behind enemy lines for reconnaissance and demolition missions.

The second (14 November 1952-12 August 1953) consisted of patrol and UDT operations, as well as participation in the post-Armistice prisoner of war exchange. The Begor received five battle stars for her Korean service.      Hi-Res Pic (107K)

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The USS Begor (APD 127) Stands by as the Hungnam Port is Blown