X Corps Equipment at Port of Hungnam 581st Signal Radio Relay Co. at Hungnam (1950)
10. Equipment to be Evacuated from Hungnam, North Korea

Here you can see some of the 17,500 vehicles and 350,000 tons of cargo that the Navy had to ship out of North Korean Port of Hungnam. The North Korean civilian population made it possible with their labor loading the 193 ships used in the evacuation.

Forty-three old General Song Shilun who commanded the Chinese 9th Army Group that had attacked the First Marine and 7th Infantry Divisions cost him dearly in lives and lost opportunities. Song should have bypassed the Marines, moved south towards the sea, and cut US supply lines from Hungnam and Wonsan. General Song accepted full responsibility and offered to resign. General Zhang Renchu, commander of the attack troops, attempts to kill himself. North Korean Leader Kim Il Sung judges General Song to be a timid and ineffectual commander. General Song and the 9th Army Group are rotated back to China upon completion of the Hamhung battle.

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After the Last Ship Leaves the Port is Blown