We Eat C Rations after Landing 581st Signal Co.at Inchon (1950)
7. We Eat C Rations after Landing

Well we have landed and the company has been assembled. C Rations have been issued and we are having something to eat. C Rations is a box about 5 by 10 inches with food for one person for three meals. There are three cans of food like eggs and ham, pork and beans, beef and beans. There is one can with gumdrop candy and two cookies. There is dried coffee, a tiny can of jam, a bar of cocoa, and some dried cream. The company has an immersion heater. That is a heater that is gas fired and dropped in a garbage can of water. When the water is boiling, soldiers tie wires around their cans of food and lower it into the boiling water to warm their food.    Hi-Res Pic (139K)

Otherwise you gum down the can of food with the coagulated grease, or in freezing weather try to thaw it out in your mouth, that is after you carve it out of the can with your bayonet. Many of the Korean civilians were starving and scrounged the discarded cans for remaining food. We often gave boxes to some of deserving kids. My friend Fukemoto (Fuke) is the one with food being shoveled in his mouth. He was a good guy and friend. Fuke and I shared these pictures.

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