'Nitecap Relay Site

Nitecap Relay Station, South Korea
8th Army Long Lines Signal, Company B

3. Our Quonset hut

My unit was under 8th Army. The main camp was in Taegu, and we were approx. 26 miles out. We lived in the quonset hut. Outhouse is behind it.

We had 6 GI's and 3 KATUSA's. I went up to Salem one time sometime in '57. As I recall, they were several hundred feet higher than we were. Our base camp was in Taegu, approx 26 mi. So. The only way up this site was on foot. We did build a Chopper pad, but after two attempts the pilots declined further? opportunities. We particularly liked paydays. Some Lt. always had to make the climb. We were told that Salem was 10 air miles from us.

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