Richmond Relay Station Pic 7 Richmond Relay - 1969-70 7. Road up Bucket Site on Osan Air Base

Finally I found out where I was to be assigned. A site on Osan Air Base called Bucket Site. It was the largest site in the company and called Bucket Control Site. I was going there by way of K-6 Pyongteck but not on the train this time. I would have to go in a truck convoy which turned out to be the worst trip in my life and do not want to talk about it much now. I will say that I nearly froze to death riding in the back of a duce and a half truck. I also lost most of my personal gear and uniforms which were in another supply truck. That was a hard way to learn about Korea's infamous Slicky Boys but I did and I know that I was not the only one either.

The base at K-6 was called Camp Humphries and was the largest installation I had been on since arriving in country about a week ago. It was a helicopter base and had CH-47 Chinooks stationed there as well as other small aircraft. Larger planes and jets used Osan AB about 15mi North of Pyongteck. Most of Co C was stationed at K-6 because there was a Dial Exchange, switchboard, phone and line detachment, microwave and a VHF radio site.

I believe the XO was in charge of this section of our Signal Company while the CO at Taejon oversaw the isolated sites and entire radio system operation. I did not like it there at Camp Humphries because it was too military and sterile for me. All the barracks were in a row, the streets had names, the Mess Hall was large and like at boot camp and there were officers all over the place. That meant saluting and proper uniform dress all the time.

Outside the main gate from the base was a town made up of a strange combination of old and new era society. Momma and Papa san with babies carried on their backs and black stove top hats and long bamboo pipes of the older men to the loud, flashing Disco Bars and dance girls of the 1970's.    On to Hi-Res Pic (205K)

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